4 things girls really hate

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4 Things Girls Really Hate

I just did a video titled “4 things men really hate”, so to be fair I wanted to do a video titled “4 things girls really hate.” Of course, everyone is different, but from 22 years of listening to my clients rant I think 4 is pretty hard to stick to! LOL

I hope I’m accurate when I say, most girls really hate the following:

1. Girls really hate it when their man flirts with other girls. Oh boy, you’d think this would be common sense, but wow! I have seen women almost homicidal about this! LOL Guys, just don’t. Just don’t. If you are with a girl be all in. If you can’t be all in then give her the respect she deserves and break it off. Everyone deserves to me with someone that thinks they hung the moon. 🙂

2. Girls really hate it when their man finds time for everything BUT her, but to add insult to injury when he does find the time to spend with her, he gropes her instead of trying to have a decent conversation.

Guys, if you’re listening to this one, this is a serious hot button with most women. It is so insulting to a woman to not spend much time with her and then when you do grace her with your presence you have the audacity to be all sexual. Really? Either make her a huge priority or break it off. She is not your sex object and if you think any woman is then get some help!

3. Girls really hate to be lied to. Women love security. They love it and need it. When she feels insecure about anything in your relationship it will never go well. If you tell the tiniest lie that you think is harmless, think again. If you lie about something little she will wonder if you can be trusted with big things…like faithfulness.

4. Girls really hate to be compared to other women by their man. I realize men have body issues just like girls do, but it seems our culture is inundated with what a woman “should” look like.

It’s getting better but thinks about this for a second. If you put 10 average men of the same height who are about the same body fat percentage together they look pretty similar. When you do the same to women you don’t have the same result. Some have no boobs and are built pretty straight up and down. Some carry every ounce of fat in their butt and thighs. Some are muscular. Some feel puffy all over! Why do you think there’s like a million different cuts of jeans for women?

The fact is, women can’t help where they carry fat if they have a tiny waist, and if they’re not born with a size C or D bra size they wonder about implants. Heck, I’m shocked Brazilian butt implants are a thing!

You don’t see guys doing those things, so be sensitive to how your girl is built. Don’t compare her to other women. She’s already doing that enough for the both of you!

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