5 things you should do with an abusive girlfriend

5 Things You Should Do With an Abusive Girlfriend

Abuse is such a hideous thing! I don’t care who it’s done by or who it’s done to…it’s awful. It’s a fact that guys are often the abusive ones, but when a girl is abusing a guy things can get real bad for him real quick.

This can help no matter who you are, but especially if you’re a guy reading this keep these 5 things in mind so you can protect yourself…mainly from going to jail for something you didn’t do!

1. Tell people! It’s really important that people know. That way if she causes a big scene and accuses you of hitting her or something, other people that you’ve confided in will hopefully come to your defense. It’s not fun to tell someone you have an abusive girlfriend, but it may come in very handy, especially if she tries to get you thrown in jail!

The other reason to tell people is in the situation of blackmail. Often blackmail (if you don’t do ‘this’ I’ll say you did ‘this’ type stuff) can be pretty common with abusers. So, when you tell others what she’s threatening you with, you take her power away. It’s not fun for you, but it is added protection!

2. If you’re still trying to figure out how you’re going to break up with her…you are going to break up with her, right?..make sure you are never alone with her. What’s even better is to be in very public places so you cannot reasonably be accused of something you didn’t do.

3. WHEN you break up with her, make sure also to do it in public. Abusers often tend to behave a little better when there are other eyes to watch. For added protection, ask some friend to show up where you will be and do their own thing. She may behave even better when there are people she knows there.

4. Don’t engage. WHEN she causes a scene wherever, whenever, never engage. Just calmly walk away. Get in your car and drive away. Then she’ll be the one looking like the fool instead of you.

5. Finally, and very importantly, block everything of hers. Block her phone number, email, social media accounts…everything. And when she shows up someplace you are act like you don’t know her. Seriously, act like she does not exist. If you do have to interact with her be very emotionless…apathetic.

Here’s the deal with abusers. They thrive on drama and control. When you consistently remove yourself from allowing her to use you like that she will eventually find another target. Unfortunately, abusers usually move on to the next victim instead of getting the help they need.

The fact is, she is not your problem. You worry about you and let the rest be.

I hope this helps. Having an abusive girlfriend can put an innocent guy at huge risk simply because she can claim you assaulted her and you could quite possibly end up in jail. Keeping these things in mind will help.

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