How to know if you have a real friend


If you observed the deep personal lives of people for over 2 decades, do you think you'd have a pretty good grasp on how decisions turn out? I think so! Do you think you would be hard to fool? Again, I think so! I've spent the last 22 years as a busy hairstylist listening to the good, the bad, and the ugly...mostly the ugly. I have always loved my clients like family, so it wasn't hard to develop a heart to help others learn from the mistakes of others, including my own. That's what my goal is here! You see, I LOVE teenagers! The girls shared the most with me, so my experience, to be fair, is mostly with them. I love to help them see how their thoughts if turned into actions, could turn out whether good or bad. If teenagers could make awesome decisions at this young age in all areas, they get to bypass all the needless pain many of us have suffered. It's very easy to be tricked by guys with rotten intentions, so this is something I spend a lot of time on. There is so much pain that can come with the consequences of choosing Mr. Wrong.There is also a lot of pain that comes from not knowing who your real friends are, so I spend a fair amount of time on this as well. Because I see some panic in kids who don't know what they want to do after high school I will continue to offer some ideas here. If I can help just one girl then this is all worth it! Girls can change the world. Did you know that?! If GIRLS/WOMEN raise the bar on what they will and will not tolerate from others, especially men, while retaining class and kindness.....then they will, in fact, change the world. Men, in turn, will have to grow up and be men if they want to be with a powerful woman. That's what I'm here to help you achieve. To be powerful. To be an influencer. To be a world changer with one great decision at a time all the while loving equality and holding tight to kindness. I love you all! Welcome to my site. This is all for you! :)

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