4 things men really hate

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4 Things Men Really Hate

Hi everyone! You may be asking yourself why a woman is talking about what men hate, so before you get much further in your thought process let me share something with you.

As a kid I grew up team roping which means I was around a whole lot of men and because I was pretty much addicted to it, I spent a lot of time with them. I’ve often joked that I was raised by a bunch of gruff old team ropers. Now because I grew up with them it was engrained in me quite early what not to do.

So if you have you ever been really confused why your boyfriend shies away from you in public or gets annoyed with you for seemingly no reason then this may help.

Well, of course not all guys are the same, but there are some things to remember that most of them really hate.

1. Men really hate nagging. Most people hate to be nagged, so this isn’t really a huge surprise and sometimes it’s not the women who nag. However, most women are guilty of nagging. Stop. When you want something, stop them, look them in the eye, and ask for what you want. Then, let it be.

2. Men really hate it when you embarrass them. No one likes this, but anything that could be perceived as embarrassing to your man in front of their friends and/or colleagues, in particular, is a bad idea. Women can take this pretty well in front their friends, but men are different from us. Men need to know you respect them and have their back. A man who is humiliated in public will usually get extremely angry. If you have any type of issue with them whether it’s embarrassing or it could cause an argument, bring it up in private.

3. Men really hate drama. You may think you’re just being a girl, but mature people, in general, hate drama. Hear me well. Men really hate drama. They want you to calm down and give them the facts. If you feel the need to be dramatic call one of your girlfriends.

4. Men really hate it when you won’t let them be a man. Sure guys need to learn how to integrate very well into the world with women and children. Period.

There are a couple of ways you can botch this.

One is trying to be manly and show him up. I saw a lady be really loud about how she could lift more than her husband and he was less than impressed. I don’t think she meant anything by it, but she missed this important key. Her husband sure didn’t though!

The other is not giving him space to be a man. Men are different from us. I think I mentioned that already. Just because he likes to watch sports or go hunting with his friends doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Now if you’re a sports or hunting widow then the guy has to get his priorities straight or you need to move on.

Let me expand on this one. If you’re a guy reading or watching this video you may think this gives you license to ‘be a man’ way too much. If you are with a girl you absolutely have to make a lot of intentional time to be with her, talk to her, take interest in what’s important to her, do things for her if she needs it, and make sure you SHOW her that without a shadow of a doubt you love her and she is your MAIN priority….Oh, and don’t forget her birthday!

She needs to see you do that. As things get more serious, she needs to see more and more of that without you losing your guy stuff, of course. Make sure you are communicating with her about all of this. If you notice she’s kind of sad….or mad, then you better re-evaluate your priorities.
If she’s not happy and joyful, tune in to see what’s up. It might not be about you, but it says a lot when you’re ready and willing to listen.

Just so you know, no self-respecting woman will ask you to spend time with her very many times. If she’s asked you even once then sit up and pay attention. Make some changes so she never has to ask you again. If you don’t you will find yourself dumped.

Girls, I hope you learned something here and will make any necessary changes. Of course, ask me any questions you may have.

Just love you all!
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