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Hi there! I just want to say welcome and help you understand what I do.

On this site I talk about many facets that cause you stress, not just relationships. This blog came about from spending over 2 decades as a busy hairstylist listening to the good, the bad, and the ugly…mostly the ugly. Those observations taught me how to see patterns and those patterns gave me a pretty accurate ability to see how things would turn out. The frustration I felt watching these young ladies get hurt over and over simply because they just didn’t know how to read patterns is hard to put into words. That’s mostly my goal is here….to help you see patterns and make great decisions accordingly.

The girls shared the most with me, so my experience, to be fair, is mostly with them. I love to help you see how your thoughts if turned into actions, could turn out whether good or bad. I’d love to be ALL positive, but let’s be real…that’s not life. Yes, life is awesome and fun in so many ways, but I’d like to invite you to take an honest look with me into some of the yucky parts so you can see how to avoid them.

Here I will talk about Mr. and Miss Wrong versus Mr. and Miss Right. Amazing friends rock, so learning how to spot a real friend versus a fake friend will be a valuable tool. Panic is often something conveyed to me by many of you when you think about, “what am I going to do after high school??!!” I’d love to offer some ideas so excitement can replace your possible panic! 🙂 Money is something that you will run or it will run you. It is a valuable tool if you use it right, so I will offer some resources to help get you off on the right foot. I have an Ivy League nutrition education, so on occasion, I will offer some tools for acne, weight issues, hair problems, etc.

I would love to help you have a positive, happy, and powerful life! With respect to relationships, girls can change the world no matter where you live. If GIRLS/WOMEN raise the bar on what they will and will not tolerate from others, especially men, while retaining class and kindness…..then they will, in fact, change the world. Men, in turn, will have to grow up and be the amazing men they’re designed to be if they want to be with a powerful woman. If you are homosexual this applies to you too! Just apply what I’m teaching to your situation and wa-la! The reason I use she/he in dating relationships is that it’s easier for you guys to follow when I tell stories.

I want to help you to be powerful; to be an influencer; to be a world changer with one great decision at a time all the while loving equality and holding tight to kindness. I love you all! Welcome to my site!



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