What if a guy likes me, but still has a girlfriend PART 2

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What if a guy likes me, but still has a girlfriend? Part 2

I went over this in Part 1, but I decided a Part 2 was necessary considering all the emails I was getting. Girls, in general, have pretty loving hearts and we want to believe the guy standing before us is really a Prince Charming.

But, guess what? If the guy standing before you who is all googly eyed and he still has a girlfriend, he is anything but Prince Charming! Don’t be fooled! You’re way too smart for this!

The “what if a guy likes me, but still has a girlfriend” is brought to me A LOT in a variety of different scenarios, but the answer is always the same.

Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever had this guy who was way flirty with you and you were like, ‘Hey, I really like this guy’…until you found out he had a girlfriend?

And then it happens. You begin to question reality and maybe end up part of this cheating triangle.

Let me ask you one question. Would you like it if your man was flirting with another girl and actually pursuing her while he was dating you?

No way! At least I hope that’s what you’d say! When a guy like you, but still has a girlfriend he has some decisions to make. If you don’t make him make one when it comes to you, then he will play both of you.

It will be one big game to him. You might say, ‘he would never do that to me!’ Well, talk to me in a few months. I always say, “treat yourself as the rule, not the exception.” That means if he’s doing that to her, he WILL do it to you!

If a guy likes you but still has a girlfriend then all you have to say is, ‘good for you!’ He won’t know what to say. Let him figure it out. Don’t allow yourself to be played and who really wants that kind of guy (a headache) anyway?!

Check out this video to see what you think 🙂

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