What if two guys that are friends like me?

When two guys that are friends like you it can feel on one hand pretty flattering, but on the other hand a bit agonizing. If you’re a kind person, which I assume you are, you don’t want to see a great friendship be destroyed, but you also may really like at least one of them.

What do you do!! I’m not old by any means, but as I live longer and longer I see that friendships usually outlast other relationships. It’s unfortunate for sure.

When you can just walk away and let them figure it out you will feel much better. We have lots of choices! We have the choice to take ourselves out of this equation.

There are billions of people in the world! It may feel like at least one of these guys is the only one for you, but I bet in all the billions of people out there you can find one that will make you just as happy, if not happier.

I’m a straightforward person, so maybe just sit down with these guys and be honest. Just tell them you don’t want to come in between them so you’re going to take yourself off their list of options.

What if no one has come out and said they like you, but you can see it’s pretty obvious? Well, then begin to distance yourself from them. Pretty soon they’ll move their attention elsewhere and who knows, maybe you can all be friends again once it all blows over 🙂

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