Susan Ford Collins

The Technology of Success

Susan Ford Collins was determined to teach her children the skills they would need to be successful. So (while raising her two daughters as a single mom) she shadowed Highly Successful People for 20 years, and discovered they were using 10 Success Skills consistently.

Today CNN says, “Susan Ford Collins is America’s premier success and leadership coach.” She has facilitated more than 3,500 trainings in major corporations and coaches outstanding people worldwide.

Susan is the author of bestselling The Joy of Success.

And, most important to us, she has also written Our Children Are Watching. Chinaberry Book Service wrote, “This may just be one of the most important books you will ever read in your life... important for you and for your children. A positively stunning book.”

Are you using all 10 Success Skills? Are your kids learning what they will need to know to succeed and lead… from you?